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How to Walkthrough BIONICLE: The Game for the PlayStation 2

We've all played with LEGOs at some point in our childhood, but when video games took over the world, we all converted to PlayStations and Xboxes in lieu of building blocks. But soon enough, the satisfaction of childhood construction was integrated into video game format, so we could once again love LEGOs. With LEGO video games like LEGO Harry Potter, LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Star Wars, what could go wrong? Nothing. But before those games, there was another, based not off of popular movies, b...

How To: Locate all of the treasure chests in God of War (PS2)

You may have beaten God of War before, but have you collected all of the treasure chests throughout the game? No? Then it's time to try again. Grab your copy of the classic PlayStation 2 game and get ready to break some records, because this 52-part walkthrough will not only show you how to defeat the full game, but it will show you the locations for all of the treasure chests. Yep, this shows you 100% of those treasure chests. So, if you want to play again in a different way, this is how you...

How To: Do sword hanging combos for Vergil in Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 3 is arguably one of the best 3rd person slashers for the last generation console platforms right next to God of War, Ninja Gaiden Black, and Kingdom Hearts II. The combat system leaves the possibility of generating combos largely open ended for the player. In this instructional video, learn how to perform impressive combinations you can continue connecting further with Vergil through one technique, sword hanging.

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